We know that selling your home can be a very exciting time! It is very important when prospective buyers come to see your home for the first time. It takes only a few seconds for a buyer to form their opinion!  Those defining moments can begin the sale process. Remember: First Impressions are the only impressions!   And...Staging provides a great first impression!


What is home Staging?  Staging is enhancing and furnishing the home which presents the property in the most appealing way to the largest number of prospective buyers.  The goal of staging is to show a buyer how they can utilize the living spaces in a beautiful, yet functional way.  Most buyers, upwards of 90%, can't visualize so when you stage the home the buyer will now be able to visualize how their furniture will look as well. A properly staged home satisfies the need for a buyer  to  envision their life in the home and... Staging provides the vision!


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How do we do it?...Interiors Within Reach tailors the staging to the needs of each property and we will complete the staging within your deadline.  We customize the staging to enhance the property's features, color palette and inherent style.  Because we carry our own furnishings inventory, we are able to offer and deliver a superior, tailored product.  

We carry our own inventory from sheets and window treatments to sectionals and outdoor furnishings.

Consider us your partner in the goal of accelerating the sale of the property!

Browse through our gallery of before and after photos of  completed projects on this page.

Virtual tours:  www.previewfirst.com/vt/flash_video/32732

To Stage or not to Stage...

Staging is a strategic decision that will help to...deflect lower offers, accelerate the sale process and reduce your overall cost of sale.  Staging is a business decision, not a personal one.  If you are considering staging and want to test the market to see if your home will sell without staging...don't!

If you already believe that your home would benefit from Staging , then we highly suggest staging it before you place it on the market.  Why wait a few months paying the extra mortgage payments and costs of ownership. We all know that old adage...We always have time to do it over again, but we never have time to do it right the 1st time.  Time is money and your time and money is the most valuable commodity in this transaction!                                                                                                                                    Click this link to see our supporting site on Flicker by following this link to view completed projects:  

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All photos on Interiors Within Reach website and on our Flickr site cannot be used in individually or combined in any way by another for any purpose whether personal or commercial application.  The photographs remain the expressed intellectual property of Interiors Within Reach.


Staging Fees

Walk through Consultation Service: This service would allow the do-it-yourselfer to consult with Interiors Within Reach and acquire a recommendation report only, thereby allowing the home sellers to perform the work themselves.

Walk through Consultation Fees of $125.00 per hour would be applicable.  A four (4) hour minimum would apply for this service only. A detailed report would be provided to the home seller listing our recommendations.  Most reports can be completed in four - five hours.  We will visit the property and provide you with an accurate bid free of charge.


Staging Vacant Homes...Yes, we stage vacant homes by infusing the home with the necessary furnishings to enhance the features of the home.  Empty rooms actually appear smaller than those furnished.  Ideally, you want buyers to feel the home's spaciousness and with the proper furniture and placement, it will! 

Staging Occupied Homes...When we stage an occupied home, we have more options at our disposal in that we are able to use all or a portion of the existing furnishings.  If the home has adequate furnishings we can approach the staging thru a combination of our Staging Service and Redesign Process.  This takes less time and will, therefore, be more cost efficient.  We find that most home sellers have sufficient furnishings to stage successfully.  Pricing is bid based on each home's individual needs.

Adding Furnishings & Accessories to the Occupied Home...Yes, we can infuse the home with additional furnishings to complete the staging.  We will recommend completing the home with additional  or alternative furnishings but, only when needed.

Furniture Purchase Option...Yes we will provide pricing on any furnishings to your buyers should they have interest in purchasing.  In today's times, homeowners are so busy with their businesses and lives that it makes sense for a buyer to buy a home "move-in ready". And...who wouldn't want to buy a home that is professionally decorated?  Think about the added value of this service for your buyer!

Professional movers partner with us when we stage. Visit their website to view their services @ www.goldenwestmoving.com.


  • Staging prepares your home for sale---so you don't have to!
  • Staging provides the vision for the buyer---so they don't have to imagine it!
  • Staging enhances and highlights the features of the home!
  • Staging saves you time, money and frustration!
  • The Before & After photos say it all! 
  • Staging provides the vision and... an invitation to the buyer to imagine their life in that home!


  • Extremely convenient for the busy home seller...We do it all.
  • Professional and effective staging supports the listing price.
  • Staging highlights the home's features.
  • Staging reflects pride of ownership and...this sends a strong message!
  • Staged homes sell faster, reducing of the cost of sale for the seller, including fewer mortgage payments.
  • Appraisers often offer a higher appraisal.  This benefits both seller & buyer!
  • Professionally staged homes sell for more.
  • Staging costs are deductible.  Verify with your CPA.


Deborah, we would stage a home with Interiors Within Reach again in a heartbeat!  Your work achieved a look that best reflected the taste and lifestyle of the buyer/tenant we were hoping to attract.  I would absolutely recommend your services to anyone who is at all hestitant to put any additional money into a house that they are trying to sell.  The quality of your furnishings and accessories is outstanding, the continuity you established from room to room was flawless, and I can honesly say that every single person that came into the house absolutely loved it--and I know that you get a big part of the credit for that!  Thanks so much, and I look forward to working with you again!                                  Isabelle Allessandra

Hi  Debbie: House looks great! Amazing transformation at 22 Amador!                                         Thanks, Greg Lombardi, Hom Real Estate Group

Hi Debbie: Thank you for the great staging for the Point Place project.  I will not hesitate to recommend you or use your services for another project in the future.                                                         Aloha, Kim

Dear Debbie: I just saw the completed staging at 33 Rue Fontainebleau and I couldn't be more impressed with your work.  Natalie has been telling us that everyone that walks into the house is impressed, and now I understand why.  The furnishings and accessories that you chose are absolutely perfect in every way, and in fact, you exceeded my hopes for the final outcome.  Thanks for carefully considering pieces that bring each space to life in such a carefully balanced way - your choices perfectly compliment the design of the home - the decor is beautifully appointed and achieves a true sense of elegance.  I could go on and one, but I'm certain that I couldn't say enough to let you know how pleased I am.                                                                                                                                 Thanks so much, Isabelle A., Seller

Hi Debbie: Once again your staging worked and we sold Alicia's home!  I wanted to thank you again for a great staging job for my listing.  I had non-stop traffic at my first & only open house...the next day we had five offers with two of them over asking fprice. In this slow economy and in an uncertain real estate market, the sellers were able to sell the property substantially over the asking price.  We were all pretty excited about it.  I have no doubt that it was because we had the property staged by you and your team that the property sold so fast!  So, thanks again for a job well done.  I will be sure to highly recommend  you to sellers of my next listing.                                                                           Flunda Youil, Evergreen Realty

 Debbie: I strongly believe that if it weren't for your staging the house would not have sold.  Thank You again for your hard work and please be sure to let your team know how much we appreciate their efforts!                                                                                            

 Jeff Fischbeck, Tresor Properties

 Debbie: I came home last night and I thought I walked into the wrong house...My house looks so beautiful....  Your staging services have been well worth it!  Thanks so much...everything is done is such good taste.  I love it!  (Sold in one day with 4 offers selling $32,000.00 over asking price.)

Alicia Wertz, Seller

Debbie:  Thank You for an incredible Staging job and all of your hard work! We are in escrow just 3 weeks after staging! Thanks to your expertise in staging and assisting the homeowner it is no doubt that through your effects a sale was expedited and generate the emotional "wow factor" in securing a selling price the sellers were happy with...even in this market!  I, absolutely, will be calling you in the future and do feel free to use my name and this as a referral.

Greg Lombardi, Hom Real Estate Group

 Debbie: Overall the staging was excellent and I feel was a very good investment on the part of the Seller. I mostly appreciate how focused you were at getting it done timely--I was so nervous and you DELIVERED! Great job-Thank You!

Odile Romans, Realtor First Team Real Estate

Deborah: Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE absolutely loved your staging.

Wayne Litman (Seller/Builder of Laguna Beach Contemporary Property)

Deborah: It was wonderful meeting with you and your crew yesterday.  I am sooooo impressed.  I will email you the MLS number and the brochure as well. Did you leave your staging cards at the property?  I would like to pass on your information. Thank you again, and it was a pleasure having you stage this home.  All I can say is that I wish I could take you along to every listing!

Gail Salem, Prudential California Realty

Hi Debbie: Thanks for doing a great job.  Other than selecting Michael, the best decision we made was to use your services.  I would never sell a house again without having it staged professionally (by you and your team).

Thanks Again, Craig Davis, Seller

 Hi Debbie: The preview went very well.  There were numerous compliments on the staging and choice of materials. Everything looked fabulous!  Thanks again for all of your excellent work and efforts. 

Thank You, Harold Noriega, In The Bay Realty

Hi Debbie:  All I can say is WOW!  The house looks fabulous.  My realtor is dying to see it.  She sent me an email today saying that the realtor, whom has the listing next door, is hoping they sell before we are listed! 

Karen Nagy, Mission Viejo

Dear Debbie: I wanted to thank you so much for helping me with the sale of my listing.  I can't emphasize how pleased the seller and I were with your work.  It definitely accomplished our goal of getting her place sold in less than a month since it went on the market in November/07.  Being in a tough market with lots of inventory, we knew we had to do something different to get the listing sold.  My seller had already bought another place and was very anxious about selling her home.   There were 14 other like properties that had been on the market anywhere from 30 - 180 days and despite continuous price reductions, were not selling.   After interviewing with other staging companies, she believed that you were the right person for the job.  You certainly proved her right and delivered everything and more than you promised!   Simply put, you were honest, caring and had all the necessary resources to get the job done and more importantly I feel you are very passionate about your job...therefore, you deliver excellent results.  I will definitely recomend you to all the other agents that I work with and look forward to using your services with other listings.  Please feel free to have any potential clients contact me if they have any questions in regards to your services.  Good luck in everything you do!                                                               


Flunda Youil, Evergreen Realty , Irvine



 Dear Debbie: We wanted to thank you for the outstanding job that you did at our home! We just love it!  We really appreciated your efficiency!  I have to say that I was a bit skeptical in the beginning-we thought it would take quite some time...You proved us to be wrong!  We went to work one day and came home to a different house...amazing!  We have much respect and appreciation for the talents you hold!  We look forward to working with you again.and again! 

 Best Regards, The Fleckensteins


Dear Debbie, Thank you for the incredible job of staging my three bedroom townhome! Your service was extremely convenient for us and the fee was well worth it! You highlighted our home's best features and you saved us time & money!! You provided the vision for the buyer that I could not have done myself. I am happy to recommend you with pride.

Cristi Ann, Your National Mary Kay Sales Director


Interiors Within Reach: I own an ocean view duplex in Dana Point & invested time & money in the renovation in preparation of a quick sale. The remodel turned out fine, but overall it was a bit too neutral without furnishings.  I have always believed in staging a property wherever possible & the duplex was a prime candidate for a discriminating & talented staging company to work some magic.  After interviewing several staging groups it was clear that Interiors Within Reach and more specificially, Debbie Muccillo, was the obvious choice for the job.  Deb walked in and immediately established herself as a design professional with extensive knowledge, creative ideas and a vision.  I felt very comfortable with Deb & quickly learned she communicates effectively, (and with enthusiasm) outlined the entire staging process & set my expectations as to the final results.  Her team showed a true committment to excellence & displayed the necessary attention to detail to make this transformation successful.  True to her word, Deb completed the job on schedule & all I could say was WOW!  The duplex looked so good that I had to do a double take to make sure I was in the right place!  In the first week on the market I had over 80 agents preview the property.  Their reaction was overwhelming & their positive, enthusiastic comments reinforced my decision that Interiors Within Reach was the right choice.  As an added perk and valued added service, Deb provided professional "post staging" photographs to enhance my MLS media listing.  Deb's passion & pride for a job well done puts her in a class of her own.  Her business acumen is second to none & I wholeheartedly recommend Deb and Interiors Within Reach for any staging project that requires only the best!  There is no doubt I will use them again for future listings & have no doubts the results will be equally impressive!      

Mike Didelot, Tarbell Realtors             


Dear Debbie: We just returned to our house and it looks amazing!  Can you decorate our new house once we sell this one?  And...as a matter of fact we are opening an escrow tomorrow! Gail says we have a backup offer as well, so the Staging did  Wonders!!!  Thank you so much for all your hard work.                        

Toni Kurosawa                                                                                                                     


Dear Debbie: This house looks the best it ever has!  We can't thank you enough.                              

Collette Kaplan


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