Wouldn't you love to have a designer look without the designer cost?

We can help you achieve that at a fraction of the cost!

Are you exhausted re-arranging your furnishings and accessories trying to create a cohesive environment?   Do you just want your furnishings to enhance your rooms and finally "discover" the right floor plan?

Well, we can help end your decorating dilemna thru Redesign!


After living in a home for a period of time, a room can become stagnant and non-functional. Employing the Refresh-Revive-Renew process we update the space making it beautiful and functional once again!  It can happen in one day!

Interiors Within Reach will create a renewed space for you using all or part of your existing furnishings and accessories! Usually we are able to refresh and redesign your space without additional purchases!  Most clients have too many furnishings for a space, so a lack of furnishings is usually not the dilemna!


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               Has This Happened to you before?
Have you purchased many items for your home all in the same family of colors or style but just can't seem to make the space flow?  Purchasing a new item is not always the cure. Colors, textures and styles must be placed in a balanced format to create the "visual beauty"... and function for the space.

Or how about this...

Have you chosen paint and furnishings and had the space almost finished but became deadlocked on the last few design decisions? Usually this is created by the inability of the client to have obtained the visual balance that is needed at this point to see what those last few decisions should be.

Thru the refresh and redesign process, as we use your existing furnishings and accessories, we will enhance their placement and blend them so that they connect visually to the other furnishings and elements in the room! When finished, you will see what you already possessed created a new and fresh look!

Redesign Fees

Fees are normally charged by the day, but we are happy to meet with you and discuss your project to determine which fee structure would best suit your needs. 


Consultation Fees:  $125.00 per hour.  Normally, one hour is ample time to discuss the redesign project. 

On Site Consultant and one Assistant:  Daily fees Per Room:  $450.00 to $750.00 /Redesign completed in one day.

Complete Home Renew: Bid Only

Furnishings & Accessories: Bid as requested or recommended for the project by Interiors Within Reach.

Organize, Inventory & Box Process: Time spent organizing, supplying inventory list and boxing would be bid separately, which includes materials and supplies. Note: This is an Additional Service that can be utilized.

        You may visit this link to view completed projects


Hi Debbie, We are absolutely loving our new rooms, which are much more inviting now.  You are very talented and we are so glad Michael referred us to you!                    

Thank you so much, Jackie Lakocy, Laguna Beach


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