So...If you don't want to shop
  until you drop..


We'll shop, search out, and find that elusive sofa or that sumptuous bedding needed to complete that gorgeous king size bed you just purchased, when you just can't seem to find the time.  This is where you make one call to us and we'll do it all!


Here's an example of how we do it all for less time, trouble and money than you would ever want to spend on the project!

Our client moved into their new home and the "chief decorator" didn't have the time or energy after working all day and arriving home to husband and family to then fit in pouring thru books for ideas or combing the Internet for the dining room table they all wanted for the family. Never mind trying to find the time to furnish an entire Dining Room!

We shopped for a total of 11 hours and created a beautiful, inviting room AND saved this family over $4000.00 in furnishings costs. We purchased ALL of the accessories and furniture for this room in 11 hours.


Cost of Furnishings & Accessories
-Dining Room $2875.00 savings of over $4000.00
Cost of our Fees for Shopping Services - 11 hours $1375.00
Cost of our Fees for Furniture Placement -2 hours $250.00
Do the math....even having the luxury of a decorator shop for you still saves you money!!
With Us: $4500.00          Without Us: $8450.00

We pass along trade discounts to our clients, which can result in substantial savings to the client.

We also shop at unconventional retail establishments and we make all of the decorating decisions much quicker, including: furniture, fabrics, textures, and color palette as we achieve the overall visual rhythm for the space. We complete the space successfully in much less time than the client can!


We save our clients time and money, time and frustration when we shop, create, and complete the space for them. We pass along all courtesy trade discounts direct to our clients and save them MONEY and... because we are able to finish the project very quickly we save our clients TIME, which is an extremely valuable commodity in this age of juggling career, relationships, and family! And we definitely save our clients FRUSTRATION!

But...what if you're the hands-on type and want to come along for the shopping fun! Well, put on your jogging shoes and we'll even educate you while making the shopping decisions! How beneficial would that be? You might even feel comfortable enough with your new knowledge to tackle the next decorating dilemma yourself!

Dear Debbie:
After shopping for six hours, you were able to furnish two spaces for me. Not only was the project done quickly, the price tag was within my budget! You were very professional and listened to my individual needs.
Kari Portice, Laguna Niguel
                            Interiors Within Reach, Laguna Beach, California
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